Spider-Man’s Emma Stone ‘Scary to Kiss’ Says Andrew Garfield

By on July 4, 2012

One would think that Andrew Garfield would be happy to kiss his girlfriend, Emma Stone any time, any place and love doing it. It seems that is not the case when it came to filming the summer blockbuster, Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield found it “scarier” to kiss Stone in “The Amazing Spider-man” than doing his stunts.

According to Garfield,

When you’re flying with the help of a harness, “you have a very strong, safe pair of hands holding you up” In the kissing scenes, he says he was “free-falling.” He says it was especially tough because Stone is “terrifying.”

Something tells me, Stone may be a bit disappointed hearing she is “terrifying” to kiss.

The Amazing Spider-Man film, featuring the couple, launched on July 3rd at midnight pulling in the same $7.5 million as it did with Spider-Man 3.




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