Cyrus & tWitch – Christopher Scott Animation Routine – SYTYCD 9 (Top 4) Video

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Cyrus Glitch Spencer and tWitch Boss performed a Christopher Scott Animation Routine on So You Think You Can Dance Top 4.

Cyrus and season 4 all-star Twitch ended the night with the show’s first ever animation duet. Choreographed by Christopher Scott, the routine was performed to “Like a Criminal” by District 78. Predictably, it earned a standing ovation from the judges. Rob called them “two superstars” and thought the routine was “crazy.” Mary called it “amazing” and said they “nailed it” and “stole the show.” Nigel loved it as well and agreed with Christopher Scott in calling them “world class.” Nigel commented that his boy vote will go to Chehon but that he loves Cyrus and thinks he is a tremendously inspiring individual.

Watch the must-see performance on page 2 and let us know what you think!!

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