Barbara Walters – Lindsay Lohan Interview Cancelled

By on November 12, 2012

"Lindsay Lohan Cancels on Barbara Walters"

Barbara Walters is disappointed that driver of the year, Lindsay Lohan, has canceled her 20/20 interview with her, and instead has decided to do The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Yes, Jay Leno, the most likable host on television (pause until audience realizes the sarcasm).

Walters seemed okay when she first learned about the cancellation:’Poor girl, I hope when she feels like it, she will do it with us.’ But, Walters got her Sears Catalog underwear in a bunch when she realized that Lohan had turned her down to sit down with Jay Leno instead, in a move that people are calling, a lose-lose for Lohan.

Walter stated:

“I like Lindsay Lohan very much. I’ve known her for years since she was a very little girl. She said whenever she did an interview, she would sit down and do it with me.”

Walters seemed very eager to get big ratings off a troubled star like Lohan, I mean she seemed eager to help her. I am just concerned for Lohan, who will have to spend twenty minutes next to Jay Leno.


Lindsay Lohan’s interview with Jay Leno will air on November 20.

What do you think – should Lindsay really have her first sit down with Jay Leno or was she better off with Barbara Walters?

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