Boardwalk Empire Recap 11/11/12 Season Three “The Milkmaid’s Lot”

By on November 12, 2012
boardwalk empire

If you’re still reeling from last week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire, in which Gyp Rosetti blew up Babette’s Supper Club, you’re not alone; Nucky, Margaret, Owen, and the rest of the gang were all dealing with its after effects during “The Milkmaid’s Lot.” What did we learn on tonight’s episode? For starters, Nucky had better watch his back. Now that Gyp Rosetti is in town, Mr. Thompson may not be the baddest gangster on the block; and, worst of all, those around him are starting to notice.

At the start of “The Milkmaid’s Lot,” Nucky wakes up with a headache, double vision, nausea, and ringing in his ears; the obvious effects of having suffered a bad concussion. Last week, when Gyp took out Babette’s, he also took out Nucky’s main squeeze, actress Billie Kent. As we all know, Nucky had been unusually obsessed with and possessive of Billie during their time together, so this is not a loss that he’s willing to take lightly.

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