Cody Belew Eliminated from The Voice 11/27/12 Video

By on November 28, 2012
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Cody Belew and Dez Duron were the victims of a shocking double elimination on The Voice tonight.

During The Voice performance show last night, Cody Belew invoked his inner Freddie Mercury, covering Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

Cody’s Song “Somebody To Love” – You know, I am just a Cody Belew fan. I always look forward to his performances, and I’m never really disappointed. And tonight’s performance is no different. Cody sang this song quite well, and stayed true to the original idea of the song. As far as I can tell, he didn’t take any huge risks (although I’m not super familiar with the song), but he sang it well and the crowd loved him. Also, he stood on the piano and did the whole “I am amazing” thing while staring broodily into the camera, so plus some points for that!
Judges’ Comments: Adam kicks things off, telling Cody that he did a fantastic job, and that he knows how difficult that song can be to sing. Blake comments that it’s “so awesome when you see the connection being made,” and commends Cody for being willing to go with Cee Lo’s vision. He also says that he’s impressed with how far Cody has come since his blind auditions. Christina, who seems to really favor Cody – in my opinion, hones in on the fact that Cody always seems willing to open up and show a new side of him, while singing fantastically. She also says that even though Cody isn’t on her team, they need to hang out after the show – so I’m pretty sure these two are best friends off stage. Coach Cee Lo takes his opportunity to congratulate Cody on taking chances, and inspiring people with his confidence and ability. He also says that he “loves [their] partnership” and that they’re “making quantum leaps”… and he throws in that he’s “found a good friend” in him. Wow, Cody seems to be the celeb favorite!

Do you think Cody should have been eliminated from The Voice?  Who do you think will win it all??  Check out Cody’s last performance on page 2!!

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