Dancing With the Stars: All Stars 2012 Performance Recap 11/19/12

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Dancing With the Stars: All Stars is entering the home stretch with the semi-finals week tonight.

The five remaining dance couples have prepared two routines. One of the dances will be a dance chosen by other couples. Who will stay and who will go? It’s down to the wire, with only two weeks left.

For the first dance of the evening the dancers must perform a dance chosen by the other contestants, Melissa & Tony will be dancing “Caveman” Hustle chosen by Kelly Val, Shawn & Derek will be dancing “Knight Rider” Bhangra chosen by Emmitt & Cheryl, Apolo & Karina will be dancing “Big Top” jazz chosen by Gilles & Peta, Emmitt & Cheryl will do the “Espionage” Lindy Hop chosen by Shawn & Derek and Kelly & Val will dance “Surfer” Flamenco.  For the second dance of the evening, the teams must perform a routine to the music from Michael Jackson’s album Bad.

The show will open with a pro performance to a medley of two iconic songs from “BAD25″, the album that was released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album.

Tomorrow is another double elimination night so vote for your favorite dance couples to see them in the finals.

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