Happy Endings Recap 11/20/12 Season 3, Episode 4 “More Like Stanksgiving”

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Tonight’s episode of Happy Endings, Dave and Alex greet Brad and Jane at the bar with tickets to that stupid band made up of bestselling authors and the funny thing is it’s real! Like any normal person neither Brad nor Jane wants to learn if Stephen King sucks as much on guitar as he does on the printed page so they hem and haw over accepting, though Jane won’t admit that she’s already been planning for Thanksgiving two weeks in advance with an ice sculpture of a turkey. You thought they’d forgotten the joke about Dave being 1/16 Navajo, but they hadn’t and he laments the crimes done to his people. When Jane points out the Navajo weren’t at Thanksgiving, he replies, “One of our many slights.” Alex mentions the fun fact of their Serbian ancestors (again, another running joke) starving and fighting plague only to realize it’s not fun at all. Credits…

Alex is making the turkey she prepared dance while Dave is looking for the clams he wanted for Thanksgiving dinner. Alex instead got him clamps because clams made no sense. Dave points out neither do clamps. But trying to be sensitive to Dave’s culture she made him “Navajo-hos” which Dave takes offense to while taking one to eat as he goes off to get clams. The rest of the gang arrives and we learn Max has been there in the bathroom all along and has big news: he has the Real World: Sacramento, the season that never aired because one of the cast members burned the house to the ground. Max complains that he could have been the first openly gay man on TV. “Except for Ellen, Rosie all the Queer Eye guys,” Jane adds. “Or Norman Korpi from the Real World Season One,” Penny finishes. In a wonderful metatexual comment Penny points out that’s how they all met (except for Dave, Penny, Jane and Alex who grew up together) but never talk about it. “Classic Penny overthink,” Alex responds. While the others are briefly distracted, Brad and Jane secretly throw out the turkey Alex prepared with one they brought because from a sniff and a glance they can tell hers was “dry, overseasoned and she’s clearly been making it dance.”

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