Katie Holmes Says She Would “Absolutely” Do A Dawson’s Creek Reunion

By on November 16, 2012

While making an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Katie Holmes said she would “absolutely” do a Dawson’s Creek Reunion.

When James Van Der Beek, the least successful of the Dawson’s Creek crew, or Dawson, as he’s known by his fans, toyed with the idea of having a reunion, fan girls (me) all screamed with excitement, only to be let down when the popular kids (Katie, Joshua, and Michelle) were all too busy to make an appearance. But, Katie Holmes seems to have changed her tune…or expression:

“I love everyone from the show. We have kind of talked about it here and there. But we’re like, ‘What do you do?’ Because [in] our last episode, Michelle’s character passed away…I don’t know…Maybe we’ll go on vacation — that [would] be fun — and just film it!”

Over the summer, producers wanted Holmes to sign on for a reunion movie, but at the time, her now ex-husband, Tom Cruise, held ownership of her soul. Now that her soul has been released, Jackson’s show Fringe is on it’s last season, and Van Der Beek is still in need of relevancy, I think a Dawson’s Creek reunion is definitely a possibility now.

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