SNL: Ellen DeGeneres Skit Katie Holmes Made Fun of by Anne Hathaway

By on November 11, 2012
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Anne Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live on November 10, 2012.

"Anne Hathaway Plays Katie Holmes"

Anne Hathaway Plays Katie Holmes on SNL

In what was the funniest skit of the evening, Kate McKinnon parodied Ellen DeGeneres and her talk show, while dancing – a lot.   McKinnon had the famous talk show host’s dance moves down to a science.

The sketch pushed the insatiable crowds need for Ellen to dance to the point where Ellen almost loses her mind.

Also appearing in the skit were British YouTube sensation’s Sophia-Grace and Rosie, who are regulars on Ellen’s show. Although making fun of two little girls is crossing the line, the one question we all wanted to know was played up – “Do the girls ever go to school?”

At the end of the skit, Hathaway-as-Katie Holmes came on, joking that she and Suri spend a lot of their time in the zoo. She played a meek Holmes saying the paparazzi are “just doing their job,” before saying if the paparazzi threaten her daughter, she will “cut” them.

DeGeneres herself saw the skit and joked on Twitter: “Portia and I just laughed so hard at the spoof of my show on #snl. I love when Kate plays me.”

Kate did an amazing job as Ellen.

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