Teen Mom 2 Recap 11/26/12 Season 3 Ep. 3 Things Come to an End

By on November 26, 2012
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This season of “Teen Mom 2” is really just filling in the blanks of the events that the tabloids have already covered. Last week, Jenelle failed her drug test(shocker), Chelsea got a promise ring from Adam (I read she gave it back shortly after), Leah and Corey have divorce mediation and Kailyn is dealing with feelings for Jo and Jordan. Tonight, Jenelle gets arrested while Chelsea’s dad freaks over Adam living with her. Kailyn sees Jo with a new girl while Leah deals with the finality of her divorce.

So Kailyn and Jordan are back together but I think that she is just lonely and wants comfort. Leah keeps insisting on couple’s therapy but the damage is done and it is divorce time for her and Corey after she cheated on him with an ex. Chelsea’s dad is watching Aubree while she goes to watch Adam race and that was so stupid of her. Of course her dad is going to go in to her house, doesn’t he pay for it? He sees a bunch of Adam’s stuff in the garage and that just sends him over the edge.

We learn that Chelsea is now paying her own rent so she doesn’t need her dad’s approval. She is so proud of her man as he races but he is such a loser. Leah and Corey have agreed on terms and now they just have to meet with the judge to make the divorce final. Leah feels like there is so much more that could have been done to make the relationship to work but Corey didn’t care.

Jenelle has a choice: more probation or 45 days in prison because she cannot stop smoking pot. Her lawyer is trying for a shorter sentence but all Jenelle can think about is the Kesha concert she is going to. Kailyn is open that she has feelings for Jo but she is so desperate that she keeps trying to make things work with Jordan. Jealousy prevails when Kailyn gets a link to photos of Jo and his new girlfriend.Fortunately she got these photos because it proved that he was out drinking on one of the nights that he had Isaac. But is she really mad about that or more hurt that she has been replaced?

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  1. Mandi

    December 4, 2012 at 12:02 am

    Go to mtv.com where they claim to have all the music from each episode. Hope this helps.

  2. Shan

    November 27, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    What is the name of the song that plays at the end of this episode?

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