The Voice Adriana Louise: “Good Girl” 11/12/12 Video Top 12

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Adriana Louise goes for it all with her take on Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl” on The Voice Top 12 Live Playoffs.

Adriana’s Song “Good Girl” – Oh, a country song! Unfortunately, Adriana doesn’t blow me away with this one. Throughout the “big” parts of the song, it seemed as if she was just trying to be loud, rather than trying to sing beautifully. And it seemed as if she may have had some microphone problems a couple of times, as her voice completely dropped off. Judges’ Comments: Cee Lo kicks it off by saying that she sounded “as great as ever,” and that she seemed very “convicted.” Adam seems a little flustered, since Adriana sang right to him, but tells Adriana that she did a great job, although the “really high spots” seemed a little “tough” for her. Blake is “so happy” that Adriana did a country song, and that she made it her own, and he thought she did a great job. And finally, we come to coach Christina. Christina wants to impress upon America that Adriana has been singing some very hard songs, and that just because people think they can sing along to it on the radio doesn’t mean that they understand how hard it is to execute a song like “Good Girl” or “Firework” perfectly live.

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Watch Adriana’s wonderful performance video on Page 2!!

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