Ben Affleck Drops Out of ‘Focus’ With Kristen Stewart – The Real Reason Why

By on December 20, 2012

Ben Affleck has dropped out of the movie, Focus he was starring in with Kristen Stewart.

Is Ben Affleck afraid of cheating on his wife, Jennifer Garner.  So afraid that he has backed out of the movie, Focus with Kristen Stewart to avoid temptation?

According to Variety, Affleck could not fit the movie into his very busy schedule. Being nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Director can do that to a person.  Award-season promoting for his hit movie, Argo, can make an individual very busy.  In addition, Affleck is said to be busy writing, directing, producing and starring in Live by Night.

Now for the real reason Affleck may have dropped out of the movie.  Of course, we will never know the real reason but that won’t stop us from speculating.  Based on Stewart’s history of cheating with her married director, tabloids were already speculating that Kristen and Ben would engage in a full blown affair.

Ben is removing himself from being the object of tabloid fodder. He lived in the limelight with his ex-fiance, Jennifer Lopez and it killed his career for a few years.  Or maybe, his wife, Jennifer Garner has laid down the gauntlet and wants to put an end to the rumors or the possibility of an affair before they even begin.

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think the “real” reasons behind Ben dropping out of the movie Focus.

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