Elementary Recap 12/6/12 ‘You Do It to Yourself’

By on December 7, 2012
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Sherlock is sick but decides to go consult for another crime because for him, boredom is more dangerous than a fever.  There is a dead man missing his eyes and despite his congestion, Sherlock figures out the victim is a professor of Asian Studies from Garrison University–a Professor Trent Anunzio.

Sherlock and Watson interview Trent’s wife.  Watson gets a call from an old flame named Liam.  Meanwhile Sherlock continues to speak to the wife, looking for a reason why Trent died the way he did.  The wife said her husband was out at department meetings a lot, but it turns out he wasn’t at meetings.  He was going to Chinese gambling parlors.

Later Watson meets Liam in jail.  He’s a drug addict that fell off the wagon and was arrested for hitting a woman with his car while under the influence.  He doesn’t remember anything, and tries to convince Watson of that, but it’s hard to believe.

The detective, Sherlock, and Watson go searching for gambling parlors.  Once inside, Sherlock calls the owner out for trying to act like he doesn’t know English and pretending to be the janitor.   Clues lead to evidence of a shooting there, and there’s a video camera…make that 2 cameras.  They find their killer, or so they think.

Sherlock searches through the police database for a match to the killer from the video.  He also pulls out Liam’s file to give to Watson.  She’s hesitant but accepts it from him.  They find a match: Raul Ramirez.  Raul says he was hired to kill the professor for $10,000 and completed the job a little early so he could also steal cash from the other gamblers.  So who hired him?  Sherlock finds a reflection in the photo texted to Raul. That leads to Trent’s TA from the university.  They pay the TA a visit and find the phone that texted Raul.  Although it all seems to line up and the TA confesses to the crime, Sherlock senses that the TA is covering for someone else.

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