General Hospital Recap for Week of November 26 to 30

By on December 3, 2012
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This week in Port Charles…a legend is laid to rest; AJ and Tracy scheme against each other; Starr helps Molly start a career; Todd wants to stop Blair’s wedding to Tomas.

It is the day after Thanksgiving and Edward is laid to rest. The Quartermaine’s gather at the family crypt where AJ wants to say a few words, since his ankle monitor didn’t allow him to step foot into the church. He promises to be a better man in honor of his grandfather. Later the Q’s head to the house where Diane reads Edward’s last will and testament. Tracy is furious to hear that Edward has divided his ELQ shares among the grandchildren and great-grandchildren—and Alice! As everyone heads to the dining room, Diane gives Tracy a mysterious box. Tracy frowns when she pulls out a jar of Lila’s pickles, complete with her face on the label. It is a leftover from when Lila sold her famous relish that helped rebuild ELQ. Tracy doesn’t know what to do with it, but Ned does. He cooks some hot dogs as he encourages his mom to try to discover the hidden meaning of her inheritance.

At the church Kristina finds Trey cleaning up. When she learns that he is working as a janitor in exchange for sleeping in the church basement, she takes him to Kelly’s for lunch. What is next for him? Inquiring minds want to know!

At the next table Molly reveals to Starr that she wrote a novel—with a tough beautiful heroine named Kristina. Starr loves it and offers to show it to her dad, who owns a publishing company. Later Starr is on the phone with Blair. Apparently her wedding to Tomas is fast approaching, but she shows some reluctance when she hears that Todd still carries a torch for her. She shares that her second wedding to Todd was perfect, but life is more than perfect moment.

Back at the church Spinelli tells Sam of his romantic dilemma. Sam point blank asks him if he would have chosen Maxie if Ellie wasn’t in the picture. Spinelli moans that Maxie is too late just as Ellie arrives to take Spinelli to lunch.

At Haunted Star Maxie pines for Spinelli in her annoying self-absorbed fashion. When she learns that Lulu is looking for a surrogate to carry her baby, she jumps at the chance to forget Spinelli. Win-win! Lulu declines Maxie’s sort of selfless offer. Maxie heads to Kelly’s to eat her sorrows away.

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