Happy Endings 12/11/2012 Season 3, Episode 6 “To Serb With Love”

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Tonight’s episode of Happy Endings opens strong with one of the running themes of the show: 90’s references. Brad celebrates the return of the original foursome of himself, Jane and the reunited Alex and Dave—much to consternation of Max who accuses them of “fifth wheeling” him. This sets it off. “We’re not fifth wheeling you, Joey Fatone.” “You’re still part of the group, Sporty Spice.” “You’re our favorite character, Roz from Frasier.” Max waits for Penny to arrive so she can lift him up with news of how she’s already ruined her relationship with Pete, an expectation the group shares as they all float their theories, which include “You nicknamed his junk, but accidentally called it daddy.” But Penny is still with Pete so when he sits down with them in the booth Max is forced out onto the floor. “Seriously, Max” Alex says, “You’re the Roz-iest” as the others all ruthlessly point fingers at him and laugh. Title credits.

Jane and Alex are planning their father’s celebration of 20 years of his store with traditional Serbian food and a traditional Serbian band “Or Slovakian. It is tough to find a Serbian band.” She also plans on going comedic with his toast, which Brad thinks is a terrible idea. Alex agrees, pointing out that their dad doesn’t laugh at much of anything except Gallagher, which she clearly shares as she begins to crack up just thinking about it. “It’s funny because it’s wasteful.” “It’s just not funny,” Brad replies. Alex has freed Dave from the obligation to go, partially because his food truck was hired to a quinceanera, because 15-year-old Mexican girls love Dave. His nickname is, “the fiery white cowgirl.” “He’s not fiery,” Brad replies. It’s been a rough season so far, but they’re finally back in the groove

In the meantime, flush with her ten-day relationship (“11 nights,” Penny points out) Penny thinks she’s a relationship guru and talks Dave into going to the party after all. Oh, this is going to be a mistake and I couldn’t be happier. Penny is so confident she hasn’t made the list she usually makes of a guy’s faults so she can console herself with them after they’ve broken up. She challenges Dave to name a guy. “Simon.” “Micro-junk, played the recorder, addicted to angel dust.” “Simon was addicted to angel dust? That’s why he was always punching cars. I just thought he was cool.”

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