Happy Endings Recap 12/18/2012 Season 3, Episode 7 “No-Ho-Ho-Ho”

By on December 19, 2012

Wait, there’s an episode of Happy Endings tonight? The holiday break hasn’t happened yet? Swu-eet! The gang is at that bar and Jane wants everyone at their place for Christmas this year. They aren’t going home because the parents we met for the first time just last week are going to sex camp. Everyone openly suppresses the urge to vomit. Alex is especially excited, as she loves opening presents to the point where her description of it borders on the erotic. Max continues to be the character whose obnoxious behavior crosses the line from funny to just plain annoying, but thankfully we move on to Jane’s ID turning out to be fake. She was actually born on Christmas. “I’ve never been to Pilates! Every Sunday I just go to a bakery,” Penny blurts out thinking everyone was confessing things. They are not. Title credits…

We’re back at Jane & Brad’s where Brad bemoans the loss of this MILF fantasy, as Jane is no longer older than he is. Apparently it’s weird for a younger woman to be bathing and swaddling him whereas it was hot when she was literally only a few months older. “Yeah, that’s weird,” Penny deadpans. Jane tries to explain why she hates being an Xmas baby using a poker as a cane and speaking in a bad English accent. “Wait, are you Madonna in this story?” Penny asks and if Madonna were watching this she was just BURNED! It’s the obvious reason: the one gift for both so Jane made her parents change her birthday to July 16th because she feels it matches her “easy breezy vibe.” “I thought you had more of a Dead of Winter, Girl With A Dragon Tattoo Skarsgard murder house vibe,” Dave observes with Max and Penny agreeing with him. Brad wants her to celebrate her actual birthday and she’s okay with it, but not okay like when Brad and Max wanted to start a black circus. “You didn’t like Ringling Bruthas & Bruthas,” Max says in a decent brutha accent (I can say that; I’m black). “It would have been the greatest show on erff,” Brad adds. But when everyone laughs he tells them to stop. “Okay, you can laugh a little.” He then calls them racists with they do.

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