Jamie Foxx SNL Monologue Was a Rascist Rant – Talks Killing White People

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Jamie Foxx opened Saturday Night Live with a controversial monologue about being black. He started the rant monologue by calling black the new white.  Following up with examples and ending every sentence with “how black is that?”

Jamie Foxx

Foxx crossed the line when he spoke about his upcoming,  movie, Djengo Unchained, where he plays a slave.  He speaks about killing all the white people and besides asking,
“how black is that” he said, “how great is that?”  Based on the comments left on NBC’s website, it seems to be not great at all.

“How could you allow the racist ranting of Jamie Foxx? He killed all the white guys in his movie – it was great??It was the black thing to do? It was disgusting. It was shocking. It was un-American”

We have the video on page 2. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Do you think it was completely out of line or funny?

19 Responses to Jamie Foxx SNL Monologue Was a Rascist Rant – Talks Killing White People

  1. Larry says:

    I didn’t find it offensive, I understand the comedy. The real issue for me, is the double standard. I don’t see how accepting the double standard will allow us to move beyond as a whole.

  2. ghugdh says:

    It was funny not disrespectful, so ppl need to stop being sensitive lol

  3. Cam says:

    To Kaitlyn…
    Ignorance is bliss and you do believe in double standards.

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    People don’t understand that when a privileged person (white person) makes a comment like Jamie Foxx’s, it is racist because their people have benefited from institutionalized racism for hundreds of years in this country. There is no double standard. Jamie Foxx can make these comments (not that I agree with them) because his people have been enslaved and continue to be oppressed by white people. It is never okay for a white person to say the n word or call black women “nappy headed hos” because of this country’s history in the treatment of black people.

  5. Michael says:

    I too was appalled. There is a clear double standard in this country. When Black Panthers patrol Voting locations with Baseball bats the justice department refuses to prosecute saying the law was intended to protect black folks from being intimidated. When the white comedian uses the N word he is booed off the stage. Another white radio host says nappy headed whores he looses his job. He did not talk about killing blacks at all. Even though inappropriate the punishment didnt fit the PC crime. However when Jamie Foxx says the best part is that he got to kill all the white people, how great is that! All the morons in the audience clapped and laughed. If a white person said that about killing all the blacks, how great is that….. There would be riots and looting in the street with Al Sharpton at the helm.

  6. Bill \y says:

    Cut it out everyone!! It was not a racist rant, he was making fun of everyone! Listen again. He was making fun of black people the most. The upcoming movie is about a slave who, tries to save his wife. First of all this was a joke, but If I was a slave in those days and got a chance to kill every person around responsible for me being enslaved, that’d be pretty great. This isn’t the point though. It’s comedy, and meant to be taken lightly. Not a big fan of him but c’mon most of you all sound ridiculous…

  7. Bob says:

    I never liked him because of his lack of class humor
    I dislike him more now if that is possible.
    There will never be racial harmony if the networks
    Allow morons like this to spread the disgusting racial
    Rants on tv that was shown SNL live
    This past Saturday night

  8. Bob says:

    If a white person would have presented that racist
    Monologue in reverse could you imagine what would have happened!

  9. Pak6669 says:

    Sad because I think he is a really talented actor but now is is going the way of so many. Why do celebs think that we really care about their personal opinions. He just lost another fan.

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