Jonah Hill Is One Of The Men Rita Ora Cheated On Rob Kardashian With

By on December 21, 2012

Women really do like a man with a funny side, because it seems that Jonah Hill was one of the men that Rita Ora cheated on Rob Kardashian with.

"Rita Ora"

A while ago, Ora ‘thrust-ed’ herself into relevancy when Kardashian accused her of sleeping with over 20 men, which led to a string of bizarre stories between the two, and ultimately ended with the couple breaking up. Leave it to a Kardashian to use sex to become ‘famous.’

Now we are hearing that one of the men that Ora hooked up with is none other than comedian/Oscar nominee/ I lost weight and I wasn’t funny anymore so I gained some again, Jonah Hill.

According to a source, Ora ran into Hill at a nightclub in New York, and then Hill ran into Ora a few times later on in the night (that was my failed attempt at a dirty joke). The source states:

“Rita spent the night with Jonah during a trip to New York.”

Kardashian found out about the sex romp between Ora and Hill, and that is what led to an ugly Twitter war between the two, and then the trip to spilts-ville.

Has Jonah Hill taken the leap and become a ladies man? Probably not. What do you guys think of Ora shacking it up with Hill?

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