Survivor Philippines Recap 12/16/12 REUNION – Who Won?

By on December 16, 2012

After the two-hour season 25 finale of “Survivor Philippines” all the castaways will reunite on stage to determine the winner. It is really anyone’s game; if you miss the finale, we have you covered. ┬áCheck out the details here. ┬áSo get ready to see who will be named the million dollar winner!

We have just watched the eight jury members vote and now we are LIVE in California. They take a moment of silence for the people who died on Friday in Newtown, CT and now voting time.

It’s down to Skupin, Denise and Lisa; I want Lisa to win.

The winner of “Survivor Philippines” and a million dollars is: DENISE! Thanks for watching and we will see you next season!

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