The Voice Terry McDermott: “Broken Wings” 12/17/12 – Video

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For his final solo performance on The Voice, Terry McDermott gives all he’s got to “Broken Wings.”
Terry’s Song Broken Wings - Apparently, this is Terry’s son’s favorite song, which I think is sweet. As usual, Terry did a great job with his performance, and it makes me wonder how he hasn’t already been swooped up by a record label. (Also, Terry said in his pre-taped segment that being on The Voice “really was chasing the American Dream” … but The Voice was started in The Netherlands… so … isn’t it the Dutch dream? Okay – I’m not funny.)
Judges’ Comments: Adam starts off by telling Terry that he nailed it, while Blake tells him that every time he gets on stage “something epic happens,” and that he makes classic rock songs sound new again and that’s something no one else can do.

Check out Terry’s amazing performance on page 2!!

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