The Voice Trevin Hunte: “Wind Beneath My Wings” Video 12/10/12 Top 4

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Trevin Hunte, the talented teen from Brooklyn brings it all with the classic ballad “Wind Beneath My Wings”, during The Voice Semi-Finals.

Trevin’s Song Wind Beneath My Wings – As usual, Trevin is doing a fantastic job with this song. Toward the end of the song, when the notes get decidedly higher and more difficult, I think he was reaching a bit, but otherwise he did an absolutely fantastic job. I mean – he’s Trevin Hunt. It’s what we’ve come to expect from him.

Judges’ Comments: Adam kicks things off by telling us that he said he would love to see Trevin sing this song earlier in the week, and he thinks Cee Lo did the absolutely right thing by setting it up. Christina tells Trevin that he sang this song better than she has ever been able to, and coach Cee Lo tells Trevin that he’s become so confident, and his voice is just “beautiful.”

Watch Trevin’s stunning performance on page 2!!

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