In Wake of Connecticut School Shooting Celebs Ask for Gun Control

By on December 14, 2012
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People are shocked and horrified at the school shootings that took place in Newton, Ct on December 14, 2012.   Since the shooting just occurred, there are different reports as to who did it and why.  The end result is the same, at least 26 people are dead, and 18 of them children.

Celebrities have taken to twitter to speak out about the incident and to bring up the issue of gun control.  Is now the time to discuss gun control?  Now is the time to figure out how to stop this craziness.  We want our children to go to school and know they are going to be safe.

Here are the tweets as it relates to gun control:

Blake Shelton: The killing of defenseless people and innocent children. I’m sad and sickened. This is why we all should be prepared to defend and guard.

Mia Farrow: Gun control is no longer debatable- it’s not a ‘conversation’- It’s a moral mandate. ‘

Piers Morgan: Don’t just mourn these poor dead children America – get angry and do something to stop these senseless shootings happening.

Michael Moore: Only minutes away from pundits & politicians say, “This isn’t the time to talk about gun control.” Really? When is that moment?

LuAnn de Lesseps: Shocking news about the shootings in Ct. Just heartbreaking. Prayers are being sent. We have got to address gun control.

Rashida Jones: Gun control is our only road to freedom. Freedom from the fear of senselessly losing children. I’m so saddened. WE NEED LAWS NOW.

Vivica A. Fox: OMG!! My prayers go out to all of the families affected by the school shooting in Connecticut!!My heart aches!! WHY?? #GuncontrolASAP

John Stamos: soulless coward pulls trigger, children die, officials express regret and then what -we wait for the next shooting? how do we stop this?

Sarah Silverman: Band-Aids-on-Band-Aids @NRA people want MORE access to guns to combat all the people w access to guns.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families in Newton, Ct.

We have more tweets on page 2.

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One Comment

  1. FrancisChalk

    December 18, 2012 at 11:16 am

    With the endless stream of mind-polluting violence put out by Hollywood, a celeb calling for gun control is like a prostitute calling for chastity laws.

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