Will X Factor Carly Sonenclar Lose Because of LeAnn Rimes?

By on December 20, 2012

The winner will be announced tonight on The X Factor?  With only three finalists left, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens and Fifth Harmony, it can be anyone who wins the ultimate recording contract and $5 million.

All three contestants knocked it out of the park.  They song three songs each, with one of the songs performed with a celebrity.  Carly Rose sang ‘How Do I Live Without You’ with LeAnn Rimes.  The song was amazing….but if you saw the performance, Rimes looked more like a competitor then an already seasoned artist.

Rimes has been accused of “hogging” the stage and of trying to out sing the 13 year old competitor.  As if we didn’t already know that LeAnn can hit those high notes.

Carly Rose has been compared to LeAnn – so maybe LeAnn was trying to show how much better she is than Carly?  Rimes definitely overcompensated during the performance by hugging Carly throughout the performance and accidentally throwing her hair in her face.

What do you think – did LeAnn overpower Carly?  Did she ruin Carly’s chance of winning The X Factor.

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