Arrow Recap 1/23/13 – “Trust But Verify”

By on January 24, 2013

This week on Arrow, aka “Superhero Workout” we open with two guards in an armored car arguing over music. As if. Everyone knows the driver gets to choose the station.

Suddenly a masked man with a grenade launcher appears in the middle of the road and rather than do the logical thing and run his ass down like you would do if you were carrying millions of dollars in cash an a masked man with a gun appeared in front of you, they stop and he fires a gas grenade into the cab. This forces them out where they are promptly shot and the car is robbed.

It’s Thea’s aka Speedy’s 18th birthday and she wants a car, but as both Oliver and his mother tell her it’s not going to happen. Little Tommy Meryln shows up as Queen Mother and Speedy leave to shop. Oliver tells him that Speedy thinks her mother’s reaction to losing a second husband isn’t extreme enough. Granted, we know that she knows he’s still alive, but last week Speedy was the one giving Queen Mother crap for just laying around being sad. Pick a horse, girl. Our favorite device of Expository Television shows the robbery from the night before and we see that the supremely incompetent Detective Lance is heading up the investigation. Seriously, I can’t decide if he’s just dumb or simply overworked as he’s the lead investigator on every. single. crime.

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