Castle Recap 01/21/13 Season 5 Episode 12 “Death Gone Crazy”

By on January 22, 2013

This week on ABC’s Castle, as Kate and Rick investigated the murder of a naughty video tycoon, Esposito found himself quite interested in one person of interest. And Alexis started a vlog!

When Beau Randolph, the producer of a Girls Gone Wild-esque video franchise, is strangled with an expensive 36D bra, all eyes are on his stalker-y actress ex-girlfriend. But then Beau’s recently hired bodyguard, Scarlet, draws suspicion when the deceased’s office security cam catches her pinching an SD card from his safe post mortem. Once Scarlet is cleared of that mystery — she was hired by a children’s programming company to dig up dirt on Beau, a wannabe investor — Espo determined the tough gal ripe for asking out. And out they went, but just as things heated up, Beckett threw cold water on their date by brandishing new evidence against Scarlet. The bodyguard shook that rap, too, and after a brief detour that suggested the daughter of a Parents Television Council-type watchdog group had offered Beau to conceal their sex tape, the killer wound up being — as I predicted the instant we first met him, and for exactly the reason I thought — Beau’s cameraman, who wasn’t about to let the boss cash out just to be an upstanding dad. Yes, an obvious outcome, but I liked the case nonetheless. Interesting variety of suspects, and the Espo subplot was entertaining if fleeting.

For a second straight week, not much to work with here. There was again zero pick-up of the Meredith/”Rick doesn’t open up” thread, though there was some playful banter dealing with Beau’s busty babes-filled work climate (and Beckett’s own distraction by a rival’s scantily clad male talent). Also, there was a hint of a warm moment at the very end, when Kate visibly appreciated Rick’s observation, “A father would do anything for his daughter” — which also related to his concerns about grown-up Alexis’ new vlog.

What did you all think of this week’s episode?

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