Celebrities React to Mean Tweets

By on January 9, 2013
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Twitter is a great place for all the mean bullies to hide. Celebrities are bombarded with tweets daily. While most of them (hopefully) tell them how great they are, there are also those tweets that are just downright mean.

Jimmy Kimmel got a bunch of celebrities together to read some of the tweets they receive. Selena Gomez, Larry King, Kirstie Alley, Jack Black and many more receive some horrible tweets. While they are horribly mean and we do not encourage mean tweets at all, when read aloud, some of them sound funny.

Some of the tweets include:

“my asian orthodontist says @jessicabiel has horse teeth” followed by Jessica naying.

“Christina Applegate, You were better when you wore Spandex instead of Spanx, you old sl**”

What do you think of people hiding behind their twitter accounts to say mean things – especially to celebrities. If you can’t say it to someone’s face then you shouldn’t say it via twitter, text or any other form of faceless social media.

We have some more mean tweets on page 2.

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