Happy Endings Recap 1/15/13 Season 3, Ep 10 “The Ex Factor”

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You know seeing Happy Endings twice a week has forced me to notice that the bar they’re always in is called Rosalita’s. Dave, Brad, Jane and Max are there and Brad is declining dinner with Jane’s ex, with whom she’s allowed one dinner with per their rules on exes. He’s going to see Ladysmith Black Mambazo and I feel they’re just an easy punchline, because do you really know anyone who’s ever gone to see them outside of their time with Paul Simon?

Max offers to pay for drinks, which surprises Jane because “You owe us $11,000…and three cats.” Max only promises the return of the cats. He has money because his new roommate paid the rent four months in advance. I’m surprised no one points out the flaw in spending that money, but instead want to meet him. Max refuses saying he got too involved in the life of his last roommate and regretted it. “That was me,” Dave points out. Title credits.

In classic sitcom form, Brad is working out anticipating the arrival of Jane’s ex to the point he consumes protein powder dry. He’s got to be the only one surprised when her unisexed named ex, Ryan, turns out to be female. I’m only surprised that she’s white. Of course all thoughts of Ladysmith Black Mombazo are forgotten for dinner and wine. “We are not having a threeway,” Jane tells him flat out.

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