Justified Recap 1/8/2013 Season 4 Premiere Ep1 “Hole In The Wall”

By on January 9, 2013
"Justified Season 4 Premiere"
"Justified Season 4 Premiere"


The most handsomest man in law enforcement, aka, Justified is back! We open in 1983 when a DB Cooper like man crashes in suburbia with a bag filled with cocaine. I’m sure this will have meaning later, but we jump 30 years ahead to Raylin on the graveyard shift in the marshal’s office being awakened by a call from hot bail bonds woman he once bedded down in Miami. She’s calling because she’d like him to put eyes on a fugitive for her. He finds the guy and calls it in, but when he sees the guy getting ready to go after his ex-girlfriend, he takes the guy down himself, but only after a macho confrontation with pulled guns, wherein Raylin takes him out by shooting the steering wheel setting off the airbag. Title credits…

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