Justin Bieber Smoking Pot While Hanging Out With Blonde Girl Photo

By on January 5, 2013
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While Justin Bieber’s pr team was busy scrambling and denying he smokes pot, the singer was partying and smoking what appears to be a joint in a hotel room in California, with a blonde girl.

TMZ published photos of the 18-year-old holding what appeared to be a marijuana joint in his hand. In some of the shots he’s hanging out with a girl who clearly isn’t his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend (depending on the day) Selena Gomez.

The pictures were said to be taken at a Newport Beach hotel room on January 2, the day after Bieber released a statement about how broken up he was a photographer, who had been following him waiting for the money shot of the Biebs smoking a joint, was killed.

Also present were Bieber’s new BFF, Lil Twist, and a blond girl, who was said to have spent the night in the star’s hotel room.

There is no way to be sure what Bieber was smoking and if he did in fact hang out with the blonde, but it isn’t looking good for Justin. Where there’s smoke, there is usually fire.

The singer, who rose to stardom at the young age of 14, is a favorite for tween girls everywhere. If he is a pot smoking, drug addict as the media is starting to claim, it is truly sad as he was a role model for the youth out there.

Instead of covering up for Bieber, maybe it’s time his manager and mom steps in before he becomes a statistic? What do you think?

We have the photo of the Biebs smoking the “said” joint on page 2.

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