Kristen Bell Shares Photo Of Her Bare Baby Bump

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On Thursday, actress, Kristen Bell, tweeted a pic of her bare baby bump, and resting on her bump was her dog.

"Kristen Bell"

Kristen Bell

Bell, wanting to join the “I’m famous so I will tweet a picture of my baby bump because famous people also have babies” club, tweeted the pic with the caption: “Some people are more excited than others about the baby filling.”

Bell, who is most famous for her Veronica Mars series, announced that she and her finance, Dax Shepard, who is most famous for hanging around Ashton Kutcher in his Punk’d days, as well as for being unfunny, were pregnant with their first child back in November.

We can only hope that more celebrities tweet pictures of their baby bumps because they sure fill the headlines on a slow news day.

Check out the photo on page 2.

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