Lance Armstrong Interview Made Him Look Worse – Celebs React

By on January 18, 2013

Lance Armstrong finally agreed to open up about his use of performance enhancing drugs by sitting down with the one and only Oprah Winfrey.  While Armstrong probably agreed to the interview to improve his public image, he succeeded in making himself look worse.  His lack of feeling and emotion came off as cold and insincere.

A number of celebrities took to twitter to react to the interview. With some calling Lance a liar and cheat and others commenting on Winfrey’s amazing interview skills.  Check out the tweets below:

Anderson Cooper: Our guests at 10:30 on @AC360 have already identified inconsistencies in #LanceArmstrong’s statements so far.

Piers Morgan: The fact @lancearmstrong admits he had to look up what the word ‘cheat’ means, says all you need to know about the man. #LiveWrong

Matthew Perry: I always want to make sure Oprah is on MY side.

Lena Dunham: Despite the latest news my father will not stop using Lance Armstrong as an adjective for strength and determination.

Seth Meyers: Say what you will, he’s still the Lance Armstrong of d*ckheads.

Rashida Jones: Great day for liars! They are dominating the news today. #CongratsUSA

Tom Arnold: A lot of sports journalists were questioning if Oprah had what it takes to thoroughly interview Lance Armstrong. The woman is shredding him.

Rita Wilson: I want to know what or who taught Lance to lie? What created the person who felt such a need to lie?

Did you see the interview?  What did you think of Lance?

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