Photo: Justin Bieber With His Hand on Fan’s Breast

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Justin Bieber has been caught with his hand on a fan’s breast.

Loved by millions of girls, the singer was at a meet and greet when he was photographed kissing a fan on the cheek and his hand inappropriately touching her breast.

Bieber was at an event in Miami when the photo was taken.  The girl in question seems a bit awkward but managed to put a smile on her face.  The photo was posted in a gallery on his fan club website BieberFever.Com but was quickly removed.

As always, the singer has been receiving a lot of press lately but for things he would probably rather forget – like his pot smoking, cheating on his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and baring his butt crack for all to see.

This photo will definitely not change help his image – at all.   How do you think the parents of his fans will feel when they see the photo?

The placement of his hand doesn’t look like an accident either.  Take a look and let us know what you think.  We have the photo on the next page.

One Response to Photo: Justin Bieber With His Hand on Fan’s Breast

  1. emmy says:

    Maybe she lost her phone and he was trying to help her find it lol

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