Private Practice Series Finale Recap 1/22/13

By on January 22, 2013
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After six seasons, Private Practice, starring Kate Walsh, is airing the series finale on January 22, 2013.

There’s a little bit of Holly in all of us.

Who’s Holly, you might ask? Well Holly is a patient of Violet’s that we met today. Six years ago she came to Violet after her boyfriend and parents died in a car accident. At the beginning of this episode Violet told her that after six years of weekly visits Holly was finally done with therapy. But Holly wasn’t ready to go. She couldn’t imagine her life without having Violet close-by, and it took a lot of encouragement from Violet to get her ready to let go.

It was an appropriate sub-plot for the last ever Private Practice episode, as I spent the entire hour thinking about how much I was going to miss Addison, Sam, Violet, Charlotte, Cooper, Amelia, Sheldon, Jake, James, and Naomi. Yes, that’s right. Naomi was back for the final episode, as the series really did come full circle.

There were several scenes cut out of the series finale.  Check them out here.

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