Robert Pattinson Dumps Kristen Stewart for a 2nd Time – Is it For Good?

By on January 16, 2013
"Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

"Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

Are Rob and Kristen Over for Good

Did Robert Pattinson dump Kristen Stewart for the second and final time?  Word on the street is that the heavily publicized Twilight relationship is over.  As predicted by Have U Heard months ago, it was all about the publicity, if the reports are true – we are not surprised. At all.

The Twilight couple’s four-year relationship hit a rough patch in July when Kristen had an affair with the very married 42-year-old film director Rupert Sanders. Rob and Kristen reunited in September, in time for the publicity tour of Twilight, and attended the movie premieres for Breaking Dawn Part 2 together. After what is said to have been a difficult holiday period together, Pattinson is said to have thrown in the towel.

According to The Sun, Pattinson told Stewart this weekend they would be better off as friends.  According to a “source,”

“She flew to LA and was supposed to be Rob’s date for the Golden Globes, but he told her he wants to cool it off. He loves her but would rather go back to being good friends so they can rebuild their trust and focus on work after Twilight. Kristen’s upset but understands. She shouldn’t have pushed him to reconcile after her infidelity. She’s hoping he’ll come round and time will be a great healer.”

Since we believe the couple never really reconciled and this was all just a publicity stunt we believe the couple is no longer together. What do you think? Are Rob and Kristen over for good? Do you think it was a publicity stunt?

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