Donald Trump Sues Bill Maher for $5 Million Trump’s Dad is Not an Orangutan

By on February 5, 2013

Donald Trump is suing Bill Maher for $5 million!!

The Donald is claiming in the lawsuit, which he filed on Monday in L.A. County Superior Court, the HBO talk show host is skipping out on his promise to donate $5 million to a charity, if Trump could prove he isn’t the  spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.

According to Trump,  Maher made the offer during an appearance on The Tonight Show last month.  Maher joked with Leno following Trump’s $5 million challenge to President Obama regarding his birth certificate.

But Trump took Maher’s wager seriously and made his June 14, 1946 birth certificate public, proving that he is not, in fact, half-orangutan.

Trump says five “worthy charities” have been “deprived” of funds due to Maher’s inaction.

This lawsuit can only mean one thing… The Donald is pulling another crazy stunt to drum up publicity for his show’s premiere on March 3rd – ALL-STAR CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.  (Check out a sneak peek )

Do you think Trump is pathetic or a good businessman??



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