John Mayer On Past Relationships: “I Was Just A Jerk”

By on February 7, 2013

John Mayer has finally caught up to what the majority of people have been saying about him, and has given himself a proper critique calling himself a jerk in past relationships.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, set to air this Sunday, Mayer had an easy explanation for some of the things he has said in the past about his exes: “I was just a jerk.”

Mayer once referred to his ex, Jessica Simpson, as “sexual napalm” and also stated that she was like “crack cocaine.” Mayer also once said that another one of his exes. Taylor Swift’s, “song writing was cheap.”

Mayer seems to be singing a different tune in his interview with CBS:

“It’s very liberating when you finally realize it’s impossible to make everyone like you,” he said in the interview. “I wanted everybody to like me. I thought I was one shuck and jive away in every direction.”

So, all this time Mayer was trying to make everyone like him? Well, he failed at that challenge, but when it came to making everyone dislike him he sure passed with flying colors.

Mayer has been dating pop singer, Katy Perry, since June of last year.

What do you think of this “new” John Mayer? Is he done being a douchebag for good?

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