Raven Super Bowl Shoes are Under Armor – Ray Lewis Gold Sneakers

By on February 3, 2013
"Ray Lewis Under Armor Sneakers"

The Super Bowl takes place tonight, February 3, 2013. Besides all of the Super Bowl commercials we now have something else to watch – the shoes the players will be wearing.

"Ray Lewis Under Armor Sneakers"

Ray Lewis’ Gold Sneakers

Under Armor, a Baltimore based company, has designed some fancy custom sneakers for the Baltimore Ravens that will sure to have everyone talking. So what’s so special about the sneakers?? While the team will be wearing cool custom sneakers, Baltimore Ravens line backer, Ray Lewis will have the ultimate sneakers tonight.

Wearing a Bold, super-glitzy gold sneaker, his shoes include the words “Psalm 91” (part of the scripture that refers to God being a refuge), and on the insoles, a grandiose list of all his NFL accomplishments.

If the Ravens don’t win the game tonight, at least everyone will be discussing the sneakers.

Who will you be rooting for in tonight’s game? If the Raven’s win the big game will there be an all out search for the gold sneakers??

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