The Bachelor Sean Lowe Accused of Not Loving Catherine or Lindsay by AshLee Frazier

By on March 5, 2013

AshLee Frazier, the most recent bachelorette rejected by Sean Lowe, went on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All and accused Sean Lowe of telling her that he didn’t have feelings for either of the final two women, Catherine or Lindsay.  We have the complete recap of the The Bachelor: The Women Tell All here.

This may be the first time a bachelorette has ever accused The Bachelor on national television of lying.  While normally, we would say “roll the tapes,” to prove her claim something tells me that even if the tapes existed,  ABC would never throw The Bachelor under the bus.

AshLee also accused Sean Lowe of acting like a frat boy.  After viewing the season she felt he was ill-behaved and not as nice and sweet as he came off during the filming of the show.

Do you think Sean’s behavior was frat boy like?  Is he just a player?  Is this a case of sour grapes?   While this is definitely going to be a case of he said vs. she said should we believe AshLee?

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