The Bachelor Sean Lowe is a Diva on Dancing With the Stars

By on March 24, 2013

The Bachelor, Sean Lowe is a diva on the set of Dancing With the Stars?  Say it isn’t so.  A former regular hardworking man from the streets, who appeared first on The Bachelorette, lost Emily Maynard’s heart but gained the viewers love, becomes The Bachelor and wins Catherine Giudici’s heart, goes on to Dancing With the Stars to fall in love with himself.  A bit too much.

According to TMZ, since filming began, Sean has caught a horrible case of DIVA-itis. What is divaitis? It is demanding to be shot from certain camera angles, talking down to crew members, acting like a brat and bragging to other cast members, “This show NEEDS me.” That is definitely a big time DIVA.

Sean’s ego has said to have gotten so big that he now considers himself a brand and must “market accordingly”.

Nicknames for the reality star are starting to emerge, like Princess Sean, but nothing has stuck just yet.

The producers of the show deny anything but positive pr, what do you think? Has the fame gone to Sean’s head?

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