Body of Proof Recap 3/26/13 – ‘Fallen Angel’

By on March 27, 2013
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We learn the baby’s father is Arco Starkovich, a Ukrainian-American who is big in the import-export business. Tommy and Megan catch him just before he was heading off to celebrate his mother’s birthday. Arco claims he met Oksana at a place called Club Tatyana. Adam knows the owner. Tatyana reveals the barcode on the victim’s neck indicates she was victim of sex trafficking. Back at the office, Kate is shocked when she sees a photo from the political event. It shows Arco getting chummy with Sergei. Shocking because Sergei had seen his photo in a text sent to Kate and denied even knowing him. Uh oh!

When Kate confronts Sergei he claims to he only met Arco for a few minutes at the gala. Kate isn’t sure what to believe when she finds a bloody shirt in Sergei’s closet. She steals it and shoves it into her bag before hastily leaving Sergei. She accidentally leaves her cell phone behind. Kate runs tests to determine that the blood came from the victim. Megan learns from Tatyana’s girls that a man came in looking for girls with barcodes. She deduces that it was Sergei, who returns Kate’s cell phone to her at the office. Kate realizes she made a big mistake in taking the shirt and has to get it back to Sergei. Tommy reams her and tells her she better get it back to Sergei – so he sets her up with a wire and then she meets Sergei back at the hotel.

Kate convinces Sergei to leave the room while she puts the shirt back where she found it. Unfortunately, the wire Kate is wearing is discovered. Sergei bolts. Tommy tracks him down at the airport. He arrests him, but questioning must cease when diplomatic immunity comes into play. Sergei tells Kate that he didn’t mean to hurt her before walking free.

Kate notices that the necklace Oksana was wearing in all her photos was not on her body when they found her. That’s because it was being worn by Arco’s mom. This lady is the mastermind behind the sex trafficking operation. She was upset when she learned her son got Oksana pregnant. She killed the girl and wore her necklace as a warning to her son to not mess with her business. Arco loved the girl and planned on leaving his wife for her.

Kate goes to the Ukrainian embassy to see Sergei deliver Oksana’s baby to her parents. The girl had been kidnapped. Sergei was hired to save her, but she died in his arms. He managed to save the baby. He also rescued two other barcode girls. He couldn’t say anything until the baby was safely delivered to Oksana’s parents.

He lets Kate know that the little girl is named after her. Then he says goodbye. And our heart breaks in two.

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