Cougar Town Recap 3/5/13 “Make It Better”

By on March 6, 2013

Tonight on Cougar Town aka, The Adventures of Courtney Cox’s New Cleavage we cold open with Jules voicing her displeasure with open-ended movies like Inception…and Grease. “Where did they go in the flying car? Do they live in space now?” You know, she’s crazy, but she’s got a point. A flying car in the 50’s at the height of the Cold War? Danny and Sandy are still in Area 51. Travis placated her with the space idea saying that’s what Grease 2 was about and honestly that would have been better. This leads to Grayson making up a song about “Grease In Space.” Title credits. Hey, Courtney Cox directed this episode!

Jules is experiencing some kind of pain and gets checked out by “Window Doctor” aka, Tom from Scrubs. He insists he’s still a real doctor but they remain skeptical. She also gives him a sample of her urine…or chicken broth. Tom is good either way. Everyone freaks out when the landline rings since that’s never a good sign and as someone who knows collection agencies all too well, I agree.

At Grayson’s bar Travis tells Grayson, Andy and his dad that he’s decided to be a player. “Playa. There is no ‘r’,” Grayson corrects him throwing on his best “brutha” accent, which goes back and forth between funny and slightly offensive. Grayson also gets a dreaded landline call, which doesn’t make as much sense given he runs a bar. It’s related to same as Jules’s call: her dad has sprained his ankle getting thrown while riding bareback, which Bobby high fives him over, clearly misunderstanding. Jules seems to treat him rudely, but in reality is delighted, but can’t show it because her dad won’t let anyone take care of him. Jules has another pain and Tebows to hide the fact she has to sink to her knees, though she calls it “T-boning.” “You’re late and you’re still wrong,” Ellie remarks.

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