Dancing With the Stars 2013 Season 16 Premiere Recap 3/18/13

By on March 18, 2013
"Dancing With the Stars Season 16"
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The season premiere of Dancing with the Stars” takes place tonight, March 18, 2013 with some new professional dancers and an all new cast of fresh faces hitting the dance floor.

"Dancing With the Stars Season 16"

This season features two new dance styles, contemporary and jazz; three new professional dance partners — Lindsay Arnold, Sharna Burgess & Gleb Savchenko; and notable theme shows. In May, “Dancing with the Stars” will commemorate their 300th episode with a spectacular celebration. Let’s get this dance party started!!! This is the season where “youth meets experience” so we begin with Kellie Pickler and surprise return dancer, Derek Hough. He said that he would not be back but he claimed it was in his heart to be there!! Awesome!

*Dancing With the Stars 2013 Cast*

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough – Watch Video
Dance: Cha-Cha; he’s the Peter Pan to her Tinkerbell, she says.
Judges Comments: Len-yum yum, pink bum, that was fun and a great start to season 16; Bruno- that’s the way we do it but more leg work; Carrie Annfantastic with incredible torso movement, having sass and class!
Total Scores: 21- 7’s from all judges

Victor Ortiz & Lindsay Arnold
Dance: Fox Trot
Judges Comments: Bruno- very light-footed but must work on frame but did well; Carrie Ann– his posture was great and open and loved seeing this side of him; Len- boxing/dancing are similar and he has a lot going for him but a tad uneventful but he liked the dance and needs to come back next week and knock his socks off.
Total Scores: 18, all 6’s

Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson
Dance: Contemporary (lifts allowed),
Judges Comments: Carrie Ann- she really liked it; Len– was not that impressed, wants to see more dancing and less lifts; Bruno- equated him to Bradley Cooper in “Silver Lining’s Playbook.” Total Scores: 20, 2 7’s and a 6 from Len

Lisa Vanderpump & Gleb Savchenko
Dance: Fox Trot
Judges Comments: Len- acceptable but not exceptional; Bruno– lines were good; Carrie Ann– the dance suited her but she stumbled a little bit and hold her own.
Total Scores: Giggy the pup had to be brought up to Lisa in a tux before the scores- 18, 6’s from all 3 judges.

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  1. Mandi

    March 19, 2013 at 10:25 am

    I really want to see Wynonna go the distance so I can see her transform herself. She deserves it and Kellie Pickler is too cute as is Ingo; they are fun and just have this amazing energy. Of course, I love Lisa so that is super exciting. The only person that I really want to see leave is Sean because he is just flopping around but it’s cute. Good season!!

  2. Allie

    March 19, 2013 at 9:24 am

    Only watching for Wynonna this year. How adorable is Kellie Pickler?!?

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