General Hospital Recap for Week of March 4 to 8 2013

By on March 11, 2013

This week on General Hospital, in Port Charles…Kate and Connie continue to switch places; Sabrina stands up for herself; and Steve faces the truth.

At the hospital Sabrina is stunned when she doesn’t see her name on the nursing school graduation list. She assumes she failed the final exam while Patrick assumes Britt had something to do with it. Felix goes to Epiphany who explains that Sabrina passed her test, but the board thinks she cheated, hence no diploma for her! Later Patrick sees Epiphany and encourages Sabrina to talk to her. When Sabrina does, Epiphany reveals that she got an anonymous tip that the test answers are in Sabrina’s locker. Before Epiphany can toss Sabrina to the curb, Sabrina demands a retest. Patrick convinces Epiphany by mentioning the fact that someone could have frame Sabrina.

Meanwhile Elizabeth is outraged when detectives from Memphis interrupt Olivia and Steve’s hospital bedside wedding. They place Steve under arrest, promising to drag Steve to Tennessee once he heals from his stab wound. Olivia wants to fight the charges, but Steve accepts his fate. He sadly tells Olivia he won’t be marrying her today. Olivia storms out, and returns to Steve’s place where she finds Kate staring at Trey’s stuff. With Olivia’s encouragement, Kate learns that her son liked to have coffee with the church secretary—cream, no sugar—and had researched Kate in an effort to get to know her. In turn Kate convinces Olivia to stand by her man while she heads to Sonny’s.

John, Rafe and Lucy are brought into the police station where they are greeted with hordes of reporters. Alexis tries to shield them, but she can’t when Sam—with Danny—arrive. Sam holds an impromptu press conference where she thanks John, Rafe and Lucy from saving her life. Inside Anna’s office, the mayor watches and gets an idea. She declines Anna’s resignation and holds a press conference herself, claiming that John, Rafe and Lucy’s escape was part of an elaborate yet unconventional plan to catch a serial killer, Stephen Clay/Caleb. While John and Sam celebrate John’s release by having a nice friend moment, Molly—who was watching the press conference from home—runs in to hug Rafe. She is so glad he is okay! Rafe nods, but he is still unsure what is going to happen to him next. He has nowhere to go!

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