Jennifer Aniston Insists On Being Called Mrs. Theroux?

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Jennifer Aniston is engaged to be married to long time boyfriend, Justin Theroux.  Aniston, who has been falsely accused of being pregnant too many times to count and of secretly marrying Justin on numerous occasions, is said to already be insisting her friends and family call her Mrs. Theroux.

Life and Style claims a “friend” of Aniston’s says, “She’s trying it on for size, and she loves the sound of it!” They continued, “She wants a fresh start, She couldn’t be happier. Jen simply wants the world to know just how madly in love she is with Justin Theroux.”

Jen is taking her man’s surname so seriously that she’s thinking about ditching her maiden name — forever. There is nothing wrong with taking your man’s name – right? Demanding to be referred to as Mrs. before you are even married is a bit odd – but to each his own.

What do you think – is this just another round of false reporting? Or is Jen already being referred to as Mrs. Theroux?

3 Responses to Jennifer Aniston Insists On Being Called Mrs. Theroux?

  1. Suzanne Rosenorn says:

    Hope she is smart enough to get an iron clad prenup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    She should go by Jennifer Theroux….. maybe they’ll last!?

  3. Pamela says:

    So nice to see Jen finally happy and the media no longer have to make up stories about her being desperate and lonely too!

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