Jim Carrey Spoofs Gun Owners in “Funny or Die” Video

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Jim Carrey stars in a new “Funny or Die” video mocking gun enthusiasts by spoofing the late Charlton Heston and playing a country singer named Lonesome Earl.

In the “Funny or Die” sketch, the actor-comedian plays both Heston and a member of a twisted country music band performing on “Hee Haw,” the popular CBS variety show from the 1970s.

Carrey sings the parody song “Cold Dead Hand,” with lyrics like “The angels wouldn’t take [Heston] up to heaven like he planned/Because they couldn’t pry that gun from his cold dead hand.”

The song’s title and lyric come from a speech Heston gave to the NRA during the 2000 presidential election in which he infamously declared that gun control supporters would have to take his firearms away from his “cold dead hands.”

Watch the hilarious video on page 2 and let us know what you think of Carrey’s performance!!

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