Matt Lauer from Today Show to New Host Of Jeopardy?

By on March 15, 2013

Just when we were about to celebrate the possibility of Matt Lauer leaving our television screens, it is now being said that Lauer is a possibility to replace Alex Trebek on the long time running game show, Jeopardy.

"Matt Lauer host of Jeopardy"

Matt Lauer host of Jeopardy?

Sources close to the situation tell the Post that after Trebek steps down in 2016, Lauer is on the top of the list to host the game show that your grandparents watch. It is being reported that Lauer is not expected to re-sign his deal with the “Today” show, a deal that pays him $25 million a year. The show dropped to number 2 in the ratings and many people are blaming Lauer for the drop because let’s face it, Lauer is an unlikable, massive tool.

Trebek has been host of Jeopardy for about 30 years, and after suffering another heart attack last year, Trebek stated that he was thinking about retiring, but Sony, who owns the show, convinced him to sign another deal in order to gain more time to find a successor.

Another name that is being talked about to replace Trebek is CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Cooper would probably be the better choice since he is more widely liked and he has the wit and charm to take over such a legendary position. But I only say that because I don’t want to ever see Lauer on television as long as my heart is still beating.

What do you think of Lauer possibly replacing Trebek? Do you like the idea? Who would you want to see replace Trebek?

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