The Real World Portland 2013 Recap 3/27/13 Season Premiere

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This is the true story. Of seven strangers. Picked to live in a house/loft. And have their lives taped. To find out what happens…and after twenty-one years, you should know the rest. Tonight, “The Real World Portland” is set to debut, being the 28th season for the MTV show and is considered to be one of the more controversial seasons. Cast member Johnny does not like keeping his clothes on while one of the girls, naughty Joi, was in Playboy.

So, how will the first episode go? Who will hook up? Who will fight? Johnny is the main hook up guy but according to his mom, he can’t be a slut in the house. He claims he wants a relationship but I’ll believe that when I see it. From the previews, it looks more like it should be “Jersey Shore Takes Portland.” Meet the cast and see the preview right here.

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