The Voice 2013 Recap 4/2/13- Season 4 Blind Auditions- Week 2, Night 4

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  • Savannah Berry: at 13, she started posting YouTube videos and got to perform with Sugarland. She decided to become home schooled to focus on music and performs “Safe and Sound.” Adam turns around followed by Shakira and they will all be shocked to find out that she is only 17. Blake turns around when she hits an incredible note and Usher is the only dumb one not pushing anything. Usher: welcomes her to the show and says that he is an idiot not to push his button; Blake: fascinated by her voice and uses the fact that he was married to Miranda Lambert, one of her idols and offers to adopt her; Adam: turned around first and tells Blake to shut up, he says that she could not be ignored and go with the person who believed first; Shakira: tells her to focus and realize that Blake and Adam are jaded and almost deaf so go with someone new. TEAM BLAKE. – Watch Video

Adam got 2, Shakira got 2, Usher got 2 and Blake got 2 as well. Next week will be the final nights of the blind auditions. So we will be back Monday night at 8p.m. Don’t miss it!

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