Hell’s Kitchen Recap 6/13/13 – “6 Chefs Compete”

By on June 13, 2013
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Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsay sent Anthony home for being a wreck in the kitchen. “We’ll miss him,” said no one. And then there were six.

Back in the dorms, Jon talks about how it was a mistake to send Ja’nel to the blue team. He says they’re a “freight train without any brakes.” Yeah, those usually lead to wrecks. Cyndi thinks it was a bad idea to send Ja’nel to the Blue Team, and she’s probably doing some reality show foreshadowing.

Chef Ramsay introduces Chef Owen and Chef Jon. “The goal is to be in sync,” Chef Ramsay says, as they juggle knives and flaming batons around him. This is supposed to be a demonstration of teamwork, but I think half the contestants are hoping Chef Ramsay eats it with a baton to the head.

For this week’s challenge, the teams will engage in a cooking relay. They have thirty minutes to make three dishes. Each person will have five minutes to cook, then switches with the next chef after fifteen seconds of instruction. Both kitchens have to prepare roasted chicken, rack of lamb and halibut. The Magical Announcer Voice tells viewers that this will be challenging due to the different cooking times and techniques for the three proteins.

As the clock starts, Cyndi starts breaking down the chicken first because it’s longest to cook, then prepping the lamb for the oven because it needs oven time before searing. Zach brags in his interview, “This is not my first rodeo” and he’s probably not lying, because he spent five minutes running around the kitchen like a clown being chased by an angry bull. He’s done absolutely zero prep work by the end of his time.

Ja’nel tries to make up for Zach’s non-starting. Meanwhile, Susan is overwhelmed and tries to pick up where Cyndi left off. Both contestants set their pans on fire, and Chef Ramsay takes it upon himself to douse the flaming pans with water. His eyebrows might be seared off.

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  1. Jen

    June 16, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Gordon Ramsay’s just an awful human being but makes such addictive TV!

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