MasterChef Recap 6/19/13 Top 15 Compete/Top 14 Compete

By on June 19, 2013
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It’s another Wednesday so it’s another two hours of food and petty humiliations! MasterChef time! Okay, last week Luca barely beat Kathy who was regretfully sent home in a way that made even Prissy Douche Chef, aka Joe Bastianich, feel badly. Tonight we’re apparently going to see more of his humanity or the reason for his lack of it: his mom is here and apparently she’s somebody in the world of food.

The remaining chefs only find out Luca won when he walks through the door. Krissi is not pleased and begins to tear up. We start with a Mystery Box Challenge and this week it contains food of other lands (Russia, Spain, etc) in their original, untranslated packaging and they have an hour to turn it into something edible. We learn from the chefs that they have elk, Spanish salt-cured tuna, Okinawa sweet potatoes, baby eels, a tin of liver from Russia which even Bastianich says is “disgusting” and ground moss (which looks like pubic hair). Some of the contestants try to figure out what everything is with a taste test and instantly regret it. Jordan and Bime look to be the faves because they can actually identify a lot of the ingredients, but I’m impressed by everyone grasping at least the basic nature of most of everything the way they do. And they wind up making it look worth eating from puree to salads to elk tartar. Yeah, raw elk. Good luck with that, Lynn. I’d say the chefs are going to earn their money having to taste these 15 dishes but they pick their top three on sight alone. Well, I guess when you know food that’s all it really takes. Eddie get gives raves from Gordon, Graham and even Bastianich. Jordan (aka Smush Face) made a stack salad and even used the moss! He also gets good reviews. Bimi gets the third slot and when Lynn visibly reacts to not being chosen Gordon calls him out basically telling him it may look pretty, but it still doesn’t look like it tastes good. Bastianich likes Bimi and delivers the left-handed compliment of “For a guy like you to make something like this.” Eddie wins, which is even more impressive given he’s a former football player. He gets to choose the dish for the elimination challenge, which is going to be pasta with filling and of course he goes with the most difficult version: agnolotti This is when Bastianich’s mother shows up to help teach them how to make it and Krissi loses her s**t. She’s a fan. Eddie then gets another advantage: he gets to remove two people from the lesson. Jordan should just walk off the stage immediately. He’s both talented and unlikable. He should always get picked. But he doesn’t. James and Lynn get the swipe and Lynn admits it’s a blow.

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  1. Dawn

    June 21, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Best part of this was Lidia Bastianich!

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